Why Is Your Tuttnauer Autoclave Displaying A Low Temp Error Code?

When your Tuttnauer autoclave begins flashing error codes, your first response is more likely to be panic. Your autoclave is among the most necessary items of apparatus you may have and with out it you can’t sterilize your instruments. And if you cannot sterilize your instruments, you are out of enterprise. Don’t be concerned although. A Low Temp error code just isn’t a trigger for alarm. And, most definitely, you possibly can remedy the issue your self.

A Low Temp error code is displayed if the temperature within the room begins to drop. If the temperature drops greater than 4.5ºF, the sensor will mechanically abort the cycle and the Cycle Fail Indicators may even flash. All these flashing lights make the scenario appear like the aircraft is about to crash and everybody has to seize a parachute. Nevertheless it’s only a little bit of turbulence. Wait a second. You’ll be able to repair it.

First, test the water degree within the room. If there is not sufficient water within the chamber, there is not sufficient steam and steam is required to create the warmth that can sterilize your instruments. Listed here are some issues to test:

  • Verify the water degree within the reservoir to verify it’s full
  • Make certain your autoclave is correctly leveled
  • Verify the water-sensitive electrode for dust or there could also be a brief circuit
  • Make certain the water pump just isn’t clogged
  • Search for clogged water pipes
  • Verify that the air exhaust valve is working correctly

Then test your cycle time if the water degree within the chamber is OK. If the cycle is about too lengthy, the water within the chamber might have boiled out and the chamber will subsequently be dry. This occurs usually, particularly in autoclaves with manually set timers.

If it’s not a timer drawback, you need to test the security thermostat. It might be faulty. If the security thermostat opens, the heating parts are mechanically switched off – as a security measure. Within the Tuttnauer T935N5 and T935N6 autoclaves, the security thermostat is understood to open prematurely.

By no means try to recalibrate the security thermostat. It’s manufacturing facility calibrated and ought to be changed with one other manufacturing facility calibrated thermostat. That stated, you possibly can change that thermostat your self.

Unplug your autoclave first, then take away the wires from the terminals on the thermostat. You need to tag them so as to simply reconnect the substitute. Then take away the screws or unscrew the lock securing the security thermostat to the mounting bracket. Unscrew the bolts holding the thermostat to the heating aspect and take away the probe. Watch out when unwinding the hose connecting the probe to the contact physique. It’s stuffed with liquid and for those who leak it you’ll have to change it too.

Now simply mount the brand new thermostat and run a check cycle to verify every thing is working correctly once more.

As you possibly can see, there is not any have to panic when your Tuttnauer autoclave shows a Low Temp error code. The issue is simple to unravel your self. In actual fact, it is simply as simple to repair nearly any drawback along with your autoclave. So do not be postpone by all these flashing lights. Seize a wrench and repair it your self.

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