Why Set up Strong CV Drive Shafts In Your Traditional Lotus Elan?

Because the Lotus élan S1 was launched to the general public within the early Nineteen Sixties, it rapidly grew to become clear that the powertrain couldn’t stand up to heavy driving habits. donut or metalastic joint, and altering a donut alongside the best way just isn’t the best way to spend time along with your girlfriend within the lotus élan… no sireee.

A number of powertrain substitute alternate options to the donut have been produced, some providing a half-and-half deal, utilizing a common joint along with a donut. The considering behind this concept is that the donut had a damping impact within the powertrain, though the thought is sweet in principle, the system was nonetheless liable to failure.

One other concept put ahead was to make use of two common joints and a splined sliding yoke to exchange the rubber donuts on every half shaft. At first this appeared like a great answer, however sadly the sliding splines will lock beneath sure circumstances as a consequence of their design. situations, and cardan joints additionally produce variations in rotational speeds, i.e. they speed up and decelerate momentarily with every rotation. This phenomenon is named “cyclic variations in velocity”. centerline to which they might naturally be topic when used within the rear drivetrain of a lotus elan, the motion within the rear suspension journey will produce totally different levels of motion on each bump and rebound. The moments of cyclic variation happen for under milliseconds, however the phenomena can show unsatisfactory in a lotus elan powertrain.

The Fixed Velocity joint is designed in order that when the drive angle varies, the balls are at all times centered within the joint. This eliminates the cyclical variations in velocity talked about above {that a} common joint produces when operated a couple of levels off middle. If the working angle extends too far, the UJs will are likely to lock up.

A rubber sleeve, which retains grease in and contaminants out, protects the Fixed Velocity (CV) joints. CV joints solely require periodic upkeep or lubrication, they’re designed to final 100,000 miles or extra.

The preliminary value of changing a Lotus élan to a CV drive system is excessive, however the preliminary value is totally offset by the prolonged upkeep and substitute of donuts.

The elantrikbits CV drive shaft system produces 100% reliability because the system is properly designed and identified to final for a lot of bother free years.

One other essential issue to think about when putting in a strong CV drive shaft in a lotus élan is ease of meeting. For a correctly designed system, solely the outdated intermediate driveshafts and donuts should be eliminated. and outer drive flanges, regular wrenches and instruments are all that needs to be wanted to rigidity the excessive tensile energy fasteners.

If the driveshaft equipment you’re contemplating requires something aside from regular workshop instruments to put in, and the rear suspension of your élan requires disassembly, the overall value of set up will likely be a lot larger than simply the preliminary buy value, as you’ll have to pay for the companies of an expert installer .

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