The Purpose Why My Hermit Crabs Are Locked Collectively!

It is the center of the day. You stroll in, to have a look at your hermit crabs, and you discover they’re locked collectively. You ask your self, why are my hermit crabs locked collectively? Nicely, there may be a straightforward rationalization for this. Your crabs are locked collectively as a result of they’re combating. Combating over a shell that each of them need, and just one can have.

Your crabs are locked collectively as a result of one crab noticed a shell he appreciated, and determined he desires that as his new shell. When one crab decides there’s a shell that he desires to have he’ll resolve to battle for it. He is aware of he desires this shell for his personal, and is ready on getting it. So, he takes what he desires, whether or not or not there may be one other hermit crab in it or not. He’ll resolve to kill the opposite crab that’s within the shell and take his shell, as a result of he desires it for his personal. So that’s the reason your crabs are locked collectively. After they battle, the crab that desires the shell will climb on the hermit crab within the tank, and attempt to pinch his claws off, so he can’t battle again when the primary crab pulls it out of the shell. That is how and why your hermit crabs are locked collectively.

It is not a fairly web site if you see your crabs locked collectively, as a result of often it means they are going to battle to the demise. Now, if you’re proper there when it occurs, you’ll be able to often attempt to separate them so they don’t battle any longer, and hope that neither one among them was damage. These crabs could be very egocentric, and once they see one thing they need, they’re decided to get them. It is like there’s a million {dollars} in that shell, and it doesn’t matter what the stakes, they’re going to get that shell. More often than not, the crab that desires the brand new shell often wins the battle, and the opposite crab finally ends up dying or being ripped aside.

As soon as your crabs are locked collectively, the one factor you’ll be able to attempt to do is get them separated. It isn’t a good suggestion to nonetheless preserve them in the identical cage, since you run the danger of your crabs getting locked collectively once more, and the battle persevering with. Be certain they’re utterly separated, and in numerous tanks, or chances are you’ll simply get up to your crabs being locked collectively once more or one among them lifeless.

The very best factor you are able to do to stop your hermit crabs getting locked collectively is have an enormous quantity of shells within the tank or cage, together with totally different sizes. It will often cease your crabs from getting locked collectively over a shell. There are some crabs on the market which might be certain and decided to get what they need it doesn’t matter what the fee, and you’ll have some crabs find yourself getting locked collectively due to it. You possibly can have 50 of the identical precise shell, but when your hermit crab has determined he desires the one which already has a crab in it, and he’ll do no matter it takes to get this shell. There are just a few on the market, that do not care. That’s the reason it doesn’t matter what you do, your crabs might find yourself getting locked collectively. The one different alternative you will have is to have them someplace you’ll be able to preserve an in depth eye on them. Then, in case your crabs are locked collectively you’ll be able to attempt to separate them completely. Simply attempt to watch fastidiously and do no matter it takes to stop your hermit crabs from getting locked collectively.

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