The Totally different Key phrase Search Outcomes Between Overture and Wordtracker

Key phrase choice is key to go looking engine advertising and marketing. Use the improper key phrases, your on-line enterprise is doomed to fail. Discover the correct key phrases and you’ll drive lots of focused site visitors to your web site by means of the major search engines.

There have been discussions in webmaster boards as to why Overture’s search outcomes are a lot totally different from Wordtracker’s? For instance, on the time of writing, a seek for the key phrase “web advertising and marketing” returned 342 848 searches for the previous 60 days by Overture and a pair of,356 by Wordtracker. Now which is extra correct?


It’s a Pay Per Click on search engine. In keeping with Overture, search statistics for the previous few months are compiled from its companions, together with AltaVista, Yahoo, MSN Search, HotBot and All of the Net. So Overture’s stats are broad as a result of it has a bigger community.

Nevertheless, the information has some drawbacks.

1. There is no such thing as a distinction between…

a. Singular and plural.

You should work out whether or not surfers are trying to find the singular or plural of the key phrase.

b. Lowercase and uppercase letters.

c. Human questions and automatic questions.

Queries by automated bid optimizers, place and rating displays, hyperlink reputation analyzers are recorded as hits.

2. Duplicate Searches

For instance, an individual who searches for a sure key phrase in Yahoo after which in MSN will likely be registered as 2 hits.

phrase search

It’s a key phrase generator and analyzer and doesn’t have direct entry to the most important search engine databases. Wordtracker will get a lot of its analytics knowledge from Meta crawler and Dogpile, that are meta serps. Metacrawler and Dogpile search the most important serps reminiscent of Google, Yahoo, MSN Search and Ask Jeeves and get the perfect outcomes.

Wordtracker’s knowledge, principally collected from Metacrawler and Dogpile, represents solely a small share of complete internet searches.

Wordtracker has roughly 350 million searches over an 8-week rolling cycle (Supply: Search Engine Workshops Weblog, June 30, 2005). Now some math. 350 million searches over 56 days would yield a median of 6.25 million searches per day. Google, with a 36 p.c share of Web site visitors (Supply: comScore qSearch, July 2005), data roughly 112 million searches per day (Supply: High Ten record, Wordtracker). So in comparison with the whole variety of internet searches, Wordtracker solely represents 2 p.c.

When Wordtracker returns zero searches for a selected search time period, it does not imply that nobody is trying to find it on the internet.

Nevertheless, Wordtracker doesn’t add automated searches to searches and eliminates duplicate searches. Search phrases in singular and plural, uppercase and lowercase are distinguished, apart from key phrases the place singular, plural, lowercase or uppercase have the identical which means, for instance ‘key phrase’ and ‘key phrases’.

Overture or Wordtracker?

For Overture, the numbers are inflated, whereas for Wordtracker they’re underreported. However, these are helpful instruments for key phrase analysis and choice. Use these numbers as pointers, not absolutes, to make comparisons in your selection of key phrases.

For instance, if key phrase phrase 1 has 10,000 searches in Overture and key phrase phrase 2 has 2,000 searches, then it is clear that in case your internet web page is optimized correctly, key phrase phrase 1 would generate extra site visitors. However do not anticipate 10,000 guests with key phrase 1.

I’ve learn on webmaster boards of people that chosen key phrases primarily based on the promising variety of searches on Overture, optimized their internet web page, and ranked within the high 10 of the most important serps, but noticed little or no site visitors.

For my part, if you happen to evaluate the recognition between key phrases or key phrases, Overture will do the job. If you’re choosing key phrases or key phrase phrases to start out an internet enterprise, or promoting on Pay Per Click on engines, standard knowledge would let you know that Wordtracker is a greater wager. Higher to set decrease expectations primarily based on decrease numbers, and be pleasantly shocked if issues end up in a different way.

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