Shaolin Chi Sao

‘Chi Sau’, which interprets as ‘Sticking Arms’, has gained plenty of fame all around the world by way of the Wing Chun system. Nonetheless, along with the Poon Sau or Lok Sau platform (rolling fingers) utilized in most Wing Chun methods, there additionally exists a lesser recognized and obscure platform known as ‘Teng Sau’, which translated means ‘Listening Arms’. This method of Chi Sau has not been extensively recognized to most of the people till now, it stems from the Shaolin Ancestors system. The unique idea was designed to regulate and subdue quite than beat and maim. Though extra trendy variations have been modified to incorporate extra strikes.

Because the title suggests, the fingers are skilled in listening sensitivity, though that’s solely half the image. Until one is merely defending, the aim of the fingers is to confront the opponent’s energies. If one can think about the power of the opponent’s arms as a circulation of power, then the purpose is to counter the gripping power circulation by way of a reactive coupling. And as soon as linked, you possibly can select between Observe, Neutralize or Disturb. As soon as proficient this enables us to neutralize power on contact. The ability, after all, lies in with the ability to preserve this ability stage all through the contact interval and inside an surroundings of shifting energies. Then the subsequent stage includes Chin Na (locking) and Ying Yang (opposing forces) and solely then can Gor Sau (attacking) be executed with out compromise.

The Teng Sau platform begins from the vary of Kiu Sau (Bridge Arm) so instantly engages when and if contact is made throughout fight and as such isn’t just a coaching device or train to coach sensitivity and response pace. On the floor, the arms can seem uncoordinated and unstructured with elbow positions flowing each out and in, and like actual fight, nothing is restricted to positional parameters. So long as there may be contact by way of a bridge, Teng sau might be turned on.

The principle listening factors or factors of contact are normally from the palms, as this place permits for simultaneous assault and protection. And in addition helps us to realize most flexibility and
sensitivity because the palms are the physique’s most receptive and cellular device. But when the contact begins from the forearms, one merely adjusts the listening level. Elbow positions might be rooted inside or outdoors the shoulder strains relying on the positional configuration of the opponent. The power state focuses on comfortable energy, which is the diploma of capacity to dissipate incoming power or power whereas in a state of rest to extend our personal response time. And to take care of management, one should be capable of use and align all arm constructions in order that if the opposite particular person applies stress, it doesn’t matter what angle they’re urgent, it appears like they’re urgent in opposition to a stable wall.

In complete there are 3 primary progressions in Teng Sau coaching and I’ll cowl the 2nd one briefly. Coaching begins within the conventional Shoalin horse stance and the purpose of early coaching is to make sure one is comfortably rooted within the Ma (stance) with the arms supported. Fundamental Chi Sau begins on this place and includes random pulling and pushing of one another’s arms with the goal of disrupting steadiness and place. A very good variation on this exercise can be to do Chi Sau sitting on chairs going through one another and get extra expert, then one can observe standing on the chairs. This fastened positional Chi Sau trains us to confront and interact the energies as an alternative of working from them. And solely by way of confrontational studying can we perceive the true nature of power. And in my view, a practitioner can solely be “comfortable” in Chi Sau if he actually understands all of the constructions and controlling energies. {mospagebreak}

Tender will not be solely about yielding or being relaxed, but in addition in regards to the versatile capacity to regulate power. For instance, it might really feel and seem to your opponent as if you’re utilizing heavy energy to neutralize, when in actuality you’re solely utilizing a fraction of your potential energy.

One other good coaching train can be to take turns urgent your coaching associate in opposition to a wall utilizing the fingers, arms and physique in a free method. And the particular person in opposition to the wall, nonetheless, will resist by pushing their associate away. As soon as adept at taking and absorbing power, one ought to be capable of simply repel untrained folks. And it’s this sort of esoteric power that we see so typically on stage when the smaller particular person challenges a bigger volunteer to push him off his Ma (stance).

Historically, Chi Sau is finest skilled with out wanting immediately at your opponent as a result of it will get your physique used to utilizing the energies by way of contact quite than sight and it additionally isolates the senses from you in order that
you possibly can deal with energies of their pure type. As soon as one is ready to efficiently use the opponent’s power, the subsequent stage is Chi Sau utilizing Ma Bo (footwork) and that’s when the positional footwork is discovered. So at this stage the fingers could have developed the abilities to regulate, take up and neutralize with out the necessity to give in and take a step again, that means the route of the footwork throughout this stage of coaching shall be sideways or ahead. After all, we are going to at all times again down in observe, however the focus ought to at all times be on engagement quite than giving in. That is why it is at all times good to allocate observe classes when we now have our backs in opposition to a wall.

For Chi Sau to be efficient, it should be skilled to the newest freestyle development. And solely then can the instruments be used successfully in San Sau (free type sparring). By means of Chi Sau observe, the fingers develop the mandatory listening and karma to detect weak point within the particular person’s armory, whether or not they current within the type of “holes” or just weak power constructions. The developed abilities put together us with the notice to cope with Khum Na (locks and stand-up wrestling). And through contact in opposition to strikes, we develop the abilities to present us extra management and dissipation of energy. Thus, the instruments used throughout Chi Sau should be an identical to these utilized in San Sau, in any other case the Chi Sau development shall be ineffective and grow to be nothing greater than a dynamic, self-contained observe. To be efficient, any device should be skilled with the right power and carried out on the appropriate vary.

Which means within the case of hanging, the footwork should be fast and cellular and linked to the arm positions if the instruments are to be efficient, as Chi Sau is a short-range system. To advertise mobility and pace, 80% of the physique weight is evenly distributed on the soles of the ft, as this enables a fast change of route with minimal changes to the ft.

It could take a 12 months or so for many to study the strikes and methods, however to grasp and perceive the true Yi (essence) of Chi Sau could take some
grow to be a life journey.

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