Maplestory Information – Pianus

A favourite of most Paladins on the market I am certain. With 4th job Pianus being a complete joke, an honest (packed) celebration can anticipate him to simply knock one down in 5 minutes. Pianus may be discovered on the backside of Aqua Dungeon, the place it spawns each 24 (proper) to 36 (left) hours.

The left Pianus has 24,000,000 HP whereas the suitable Pianus has 30,000,000 HP

Minimal Horsepower: 3,800 (left), 4,900. (Proper) You could possibly attempt sooner, although it is dangerous.

Boss information: Fairly easy really, all you want is the minimal HP and at the least one one who can do over 10,000 every hit. (Darkish Knights and Heroes are glorious for this) The rationale for that is that Pianus summons bombs that can explode when their HP is between 1 and 5,000, dealing about 10,000 injury to anybody within the neighborhood, ouch. Not practically as harmful because it sounds.

Other than that, Pianus has all the everyday assaults you’d anticipate: an enormous beam that offers 3,700~ (left) or 4,700~ (proper), avoidable 10t weights that fall down and deal the identical injury because the beam, and naturally HP 1 /MP 1. It additionally raises bodily and magical immunity. (manner too typically for those who ask me…) It might probably additionally expel and lock skills, though the suitable aspect solely does this when somebody is behind (in it). When you’ve questioned what I imply by left and proper, two Pianus (Pianii?) can spawn on the identical map, clearly on the left and proper. Though they’re comparable, they’ve a number of variations: the left one has decrease assault, HP, and protection. However dispels and locks expertise way more typically. It additionally provides about 300,000 much less expertise than the suitable one.

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