Jewellery-Making DIY Fundamentals – What’s a Pearl Clasp?

New jewellery designers will stand up to hurry sooner once they be taught the terminology of assorted elements of bijou making. Discover the appropriate elements sooner, challenge professionalism to potential prospects, and enhance the credibility of your jewellery manufacturing through the use of the appropriate terminology.

Definition of bijou findings

Within the jewellery business, “findings” are elements of bijou which might be lower than a completed piece.

 Definition of closure

A jewellery clasp is a jewellery discover of two or extra items designed to attach the free ends of a necklace, bracelet, or anklet. Clasps differ from S-hooks, hook-and-eye clasps, and toggles in {that a} lock is established between the 2 ends of the piece of bijou that’s extra constructive than squeezing an S-hook and shutting a hook-and-eye or inserting a security chain on a toggle clasp.

What’s a pearl clasp?

A pearl clasp originated as a discover for pearl strands, though they’ll now join a single strand or a number of strands of pearls, beads or jewellery chains.

A pearl clasp has at the very least two elements: a physique, or “field,” plus an insert that locks into the physique, generally known as a “bracelet tongue.” The physique will be easy – a refined rectangle with at the very least one leap ring on the tip reverse the tongue of the bracelet – or it may be very stylish with filigree patterns or waves. The fastener insert could be a hook that should match round a pin earlier than locking into the physique, or it may be a folded insert that’s pushed straight into the fastener. The variety of rings on the tongue of the bracelet should match the variety of rings on the physique.

Some pearl clasps even have additional safety with a determine eight and a pin. The determine eight, which seems extra like a pop bottle, connected to 1 facet of the clasp, snaps over a pin connected to the opposite facet of the clasp.

Supplies with pearl closure

Pearl closures of the dear metals – gold, silver and platinum – are historically used. In recent times, pearl clasps have grow to be out there to the DIY jewellery market in brass plated with silver, gold, vintage copper, vintage brass, bronze, imitation rhodium, and nickel.


Pearl closures are available in all kinds of shapes, designs and costs. Studying what pearl clasps are and the way they’re used exudes an expert information and perspective in jewellery making.

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