How to Open Lock without Key – Top 10 Easy Ways

What will you do if you accidentally leave your keys inside the house and cannot access them in order to unlock the door in a hurry? Throughout this article, our expert team will cover all of these aspects and offer a solution to these types of problems, so stay with us and read the entire article.

So, in this article, we discuss multiple methods of how to unlock a door without key. This is beneficial for those who forget the key inside the apartment.

How to unlock a door without key

There are different ways to open the door lock without a key but here we describe most effective ways which is easily used by everyone. Let’s discuss

1#  Screwdriver Technique for interior door

Screwdriver Technique for interior door

A screwdriver technique is one of the fastest ways to open the door lock especially for the interior door. For hence using the small screwdriver to open the lock. This method is works when your door is a lock on the other side and accidentally the handle button is push which is a case to lock the door.

Pick the screwdriver tool and put it straight inside the hole of the doorknob and turn slowly into the left side and rotate the doorknob until the lock is open.

2#  Credit Card only for spring lock

Credit Card only for spring lock

Using a credit card for unlocking the door is an effective method but it cannot apply to any type of lock. It is the best for handle lock or spring lock door. It is highly risky for the card so make sure to use the bending card.

Use the thin card and enter it between the door and frame and force it back to the lock to open the door. Remember, this is one of the oldest ways to open the lock. So if this technique has not worked then use another one.

3#  Lock picking Set – opened lock

Lock picking Set

Lockpicking set is another effective and complicated technique to open the lock. In this method, we used the various tool to picking the lock. Like paper clips, hooks, and rakes. It looks simple but it takes time and practice. Only professionals can do it. The beginner stays away from this technique.

You can use the wrench and try to reset the lock for hence you can rotate the wrench in multiple directions. If the wrench is in the right direction insert the rake and try to push and pull the teeth of the lock is open.  This technique will work if you know about how to use the lockpicking set to open the lock.

4#  Bobby Pins

Bobby Pins

The bobby pins method is similar to the lock picking set but it has just two pieces of equipment to open the lock and both are the same bend wrench cable. One of the cables is used to insert in the small hole of the lock to identify the direction to reset the lock. And another wrench cable is used for the lock cylinder to turn it and open it.

5#  Hire a Professional

Hire a Professional

If all the above techniques are failed. And you cannot open the keyed lock. so hire a professional locksmith. This has the skill to open the lock and creating a duplicate key to the home door. Most of the locksmith has a tool. This can easily unlock the door without damage your valuable things

6#  Drilling a lock

Drilling a lock

Drilling the lock has come in the most rare case. If you have no option to open the lock then use the drilling method to open the lock. By using this method it will crush all the metal components inside the lock. The drilling destroys everything.

After the drilling, you will change the lock and its all necessary equipment it will also damage your door. So before using the drilling make sure your eyes will and face will be cover from helmet because the flying metal elements during drilling will affect your face.

7#  Use Hammer to break the lock

 Use Hammer

Using the hammer is an amazing and manual technique to break the door locks. Most of the people who forget the key inside the door use the hammer to broken the lock because it can easily break any type of lock.

Hammer is mostly used for a padlock and keyed lock. It is not used for a combination lock. If the lock has a shackle the hammer technique is suitable for him. Grip the hammer tightly and hit the lock shackle hardly you can repeat this again and again. So at this point, your door lock will be easily broken.

8#  Wrench Technique

Wrench Technique

The Wrench technique is an old method to break the lock. The wrench technique is only applied for the shackle type of padlock. So if you lose the key of your outdoor gate use the manual wrench technique to break the lock.

Use the same size of two wrenches with open ends and hooks with the middle of the shackle and force oppositely with the hand. This technique can easily break the lock. Remember, this technique will work only for the small size of the lock. It is not suitable for large sizes of shackles and locks.

9#  Bolt Cutter Method – locked door

 Bolt Cutter Method – locked door

The bolt cutter technique is a unique way to cut any type of shackle and a lock. Most of the thieves who stolen the car and bike using the bolt cutter to cut any type of lock. So, bolt cutter is the safest way to unlock the door without any damage to your valuable thing

Most of the professional locksmith using the bolt cutter to unlock the door without key. So, it is the safest way to break the shackle and locking mechanism.

10#  Use Lubricate

10#  Use Lubricate

Most of the time the weather resistance impacts the locking mechanism. In cool weather or rainy weather, most of the time the lock will jam due to rust. So the lock will be not working. For hence use the lubricate and spray into the keyhole and wait for two to three minutes then try to unlock the lock. I hope this works for you. That’s my experience.


My personal recommendation if you loss the key of your bike, house gate, inside door lock, gym locker, school gate, even the dead bolt key, you must use the bolt cutter to unlock the door and gate and break the lock because it the bolt cutter will not damage your door and your valuable thing it’s just cut your lock shackle and for this call the professional locksmith who can better understand the usage of bolt cutter to cut the lock.


All of the above technique and method has worked for how to open a lock without a key. If you face any issue regarding the lock brake then go ahead and apply the one by one above technique and try to open the lock. If you failed then hire a professional locksmith to unlock the padlock.

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