Horse Racing Handicapping Phrases – The Colourful Jargon That Makes Racing An Journey

A part of the enjoyable of racing is the journey of being in one other world. Anybody who has spent plenty of time on the observe, particularly the backstretch, is aware of that it’s a world unto itself. Inch by inch, no place on earth has extra colourful characters than the racetrack and backstretch.

My grandfather did the backstretch at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire and I rode a few of my horses there too. Need to see an Elvis impersonator (and a reasonably good one at that) lead the publish parade? Go to Rockingham. That’s now distinctive.

Like every insular society, race has its personal jargon, a novel language that displays the uncertainties of race, the ups and downs. Most of the phrases aren’t used a lot anymore and I feel that is a disgrace. In order that you realize a few of these phrases to make use of the subsequent time you are out on the observe, here is a listing of a few of my favorites (see what number of you already know)…

Ice: Means a straightforward wager that may’t lose. It is candy.

Lock: Horse that may’t lose (see Ice Cream)

Useless Cert.: A slot, a horse that’s positive to win.

Broad as your own home: a horse or greyhound that can run vast on the skin of the observe as a substitute of taking the shorter path on the rail.

Boat Race: A race during which most horses don’t attempt to win, in order that one chosen horse can win. A “fastened” race.

Mounted race: see above.

Like discovering cash on the road: a straightforward wager that’s so positive to win, it is a ‘reward’.

Reward: See above.

Plater: Horse that competes within the low-cost claiming races. I am unsure what the pate truly means, though some assume it refers back to the horse heading to the slaughterhouse and being eaten, whereas others say it refers to particular sneakers that must be worn as a result of its hooves are so unhealthy.

Irons: One other identify for stirrups. When a jockey is alleged to be “in irons,” it signifies that she or he will trip the horse.

Scrape Paint: A horse rides so near the rail that it scrapes the paint off the rail.

Chalk: A horse that’s the favourite.

Chalky: A horse that’s used loads is named chalky. It typically signifies that the horse does not actually deserve that sort of assist.

Morning Glory: A horse that performs nice within the morning and appears like a winner solely to place in a poor efficiency within the afternoon when it truly races.

Stooper: An individual strolling across the observe bent over searching for discarded tickets that may have been winners.

Early days: early within the schedule, when just a few races have been run and though a bettor drops out, she or he expects to win in the long term.

There’s At all times Contemporary: That is about my favourite saying on the observe. It speaks of the indomitable spirit of the horse participant. It signifies that tomorrow is a brand new day “recent”. No matter occurred immediately, tomorrow will deliver new alternatives.

Silk: the colourful costumes the jockeys put on throughout a race. The unique silk was first launched in Newmarket, England by the Jockey Membership in order that it will be simpler to differentiate every horse and rider to keep away from disputes. Every proprietor selected his colours and design. The custom continues to at the present time with hundreds of silk being recorded wherever Thoroughbreds are performed.

Quitter: Horse that begins properly and sometimes strikes to the entrance of the pack solely to fade badly on the finish of the race.

Effectively that is it for now. These are a few of my favorites, however there are lots of extra colourful phrases and phrases you may hear on the backstretch. How a lot have you learnt?

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