Graphology at Dwelling – Lesson 14 – The Letters N and O


The letter n and the capital letter N are eclipsed in significance by the letter M. Normally we discover that the best way the author writes the start and the tip of the n will likely be like that of the m. The m and n have the identical form and subsequently the identical that means. The m is often written within the type of an arcade, identical to the n.


o Think about the letter ‘o’ as a closed oval on the high; it exhibits an individual who’s secretive. The diploma of closedness of the oval letters displays the diploma of closedness within the individual.

o Once we use the phrase “oval letter”, we imply a, o, the center zones of g and d, or another letter that comprises an oval form.

o The knotted letter ‘o’ signifies nice secrecy. When there’s a couple of knot or when the oval is “double knotted”, the necessity for privateness is even stronger. This kind is widespread within the handwriting of criminals, who clearly lock themselves up with these knots so (they really feel) they will not be found. When knotted ovals seem all through handwriting, we frequently discover a paranoid persona. This individual feels that somebody out there’s towards him and he must lock himself up for cover.

o In fact, the extra closed the ovals, the extra introverted the person. When one makes a knot or loop (particularly doubles), it signifies that the letter was not closed tight sufficient for the author. By going over it, he convinces himself that he has plugged all of the “leaks”.

o When the oval is open, the alternative of the closed oval is revealed. The openness on the high signifies talkativeness, sincerity. The author isn’t bottled up however totally extroverted.

o We regularly see mendacity (to the left) writing with open ovals. Whereas leaning again writing refers to withdrawing and reserving, there isn’t any contradiction. When such a author is approached, though reserved by nature, he’s nonetheless in a position to reply. In distinction, the recumbent author with closed ovals often can not come out of his shell in any respect.

o However, the place the writing is slanted (to the fitting) however the ovals are closed, we see an individual who is basically heat, however when uncovered to sure conditions, in public or in personal, he shuts down and he would not know what to do. say. This isn’t as a result of he’s chilly – he’s simply topic to an unreasonable worry of the actual individual or factor he’s going through. When open oval-shaped letters seem on the high with italic writing, we frequently discover the open-minded particular person. This author is honest, however it will be advisable to not inform him vital secrets and techniques; it’s tough for him to maintain confidentiality. If there are some open and a few closed ovals, he can in all probability be trusted with a secret since he is aware of tips on how to hold his mouth shut when it is vital.

o Think about the ‘o’ that actually seems like an e, however is not. When you attempt to copy it, you’ll not see something pointless within the writing. It has a begin line and an finish line, the letter itself inside can cross for an o. In contrast to the common ‘o’, which is often written in two actions – a counterclockwise flip, which kinds a full circle, adopted by one final stroke – this letter is written in a single motion. This author has a approach of avoiding additional effort.

o Contemplate the oval, which is open however has a loop. This author units traps. He’s additionally very good. When he opens his mouth (ovals mirror the form of the mouth) and speaks in a approach that appears open and trustworthy, he is attempting to tempt you into one thing. When you agree, the entice (loops) will click on shut.

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