Options & Advantages of a Pure-Clay Dutch Oven

A casserole is a really helpful and versatile cooking utensil, you’ll be able to prepare dinner completely different meals in it, equivalent to soups, stews, greens and different gradual cooking recipes. When constituted of pure clay, it could change the style, shade, well being and dietary worth of your meals endlessly! Let’s have a look at what particular options make a pure clay Dutch oven so distinctive from its typical counterparts:

It’s constituted of a 100% non-toxic and all-natural materials

Have you ever heard of a fabric purer than the meals grown as we speak? The vegatables and fruits might comprise contaminants equivalent to chemical substances and metals from contaminated land it’s grown in, however pure clay is 100% non-toxic – examined and authorized. It is freed from contaminants equivalent to lead, arsenic, nickel, cadmium and different metals that may hurt your physique if ingested.

It cooks with distinctive far infrared warmth that doesn’t destroy vitamins

Whereas typical cookware cooks with harsh warmth which destroys delicate vitamins like complicated carbohydrates, phytonutrients and so forth. That is evidenced by the truth that by accident touching a pure clay pot whereas cooking doesn’t burn your fingers (tissue matter) like metallic/ceramic pots .

It’s naturally steam lock, preserving water soluble vitamins

Ever heard of a cookware that naturally retains steam even when the lid does not shut correctly? Pure clay pots have this wonderful means of dealing with steam – the steam launch is delayed till the top of the cooking course of (due to the mild warmth). When lastly launched, it condenses on the within of the lid (lid is cooler than the jar) and falls proper again into the meals! Not like typical cookware by which the steam strain turns into too excessive and the steam has to flee via the vents. Consequently, the water-soluble vitamins stay within the meals and are there to nourish your physique at each meal.

It is tremendous versatile – use each on the range and within the oven

A pure clay Dutch oven is comparatively versatile than its metallic counterpart. You should use them each on the range and within the oven – no want to purchase two completely different pans for various warmth sources – saves cash! This handmade pot is a workhorse within the kitchen and can be utilized to prepare dinner plenty of completely different recipes – a single pot for all of your wants!

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