Worry God and Give Glory to Him, For the Hour of His Judgment Has Come – Revelation 14:6-7

Revelation 14:6-7 (New King James Model)

6 Then I noticed one other angel flying in midheaven, having the eternal gospel to evangelise to those that dwell on the earth—to each nation, tribe, tongue, and other people—7 and saying with a loud voice, “Worry God and provides glory to Him, for the hour of His judgment has come; and worship Him who made heaven and earth, the ocean and comes of waters.”

Gabriel says:

I stand on the foot of the Grasp and perform His instructions, and am His loyal servant and worship Almighty God. On occasion I’m despatched to Earth on an task with an essential message. Right this moment, November 20, 2006, I’m on earth sitting with just one prophet and in my arms I maintain a scroll that I’m going to learn to him, and he’s going to sort, and he’s going to add to the web web site that he’ll learn his teachings and his prophecies publishes.

This message will in the future be seen by the tribes and the nations, and in the future this little prophet will likely be a world determine and the instances of judgment would have already come, however this letter will likely be right here perpetually, for individuals to learn.

The time is up.

It’s time to serve God or Mammon.

It is time to cease sinning.

It is time to promote, promote, promote.

It’s time for the Lord Jesus to vomit out the lukewarm church.

It is time for the church to endure.

It is time for the harlot to endure.

It is time for individuals to repent.

As a result of this time has come.

Revelation 11:18 (new King James model)

18 The nations had been wrathful, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the useless, that they have to be judged, and that thou shouldst thy servants, the prophets, and the saints, and them that concern thy identify, small and nice, and should destroy those that destroy the earth.”

18 The nations have turn out to be enraged, and your wrath has come

Within the coming days and years the nations will rage as My Grasp pours out His wrath on the earth. We’re going to take household, pals, wealth and well being from individuals. Every thing you maintain pricey will likely be taken from you. In case you have something extra treasured than Jesus in your life, it is going to be taken from you.

Very quickly a flu virus will sweep the world that can take 600 million lives on the low facet and 1 billion lives on the excessive facet. In the event you commit an unconfessed sin at the moment, you’re in nice hazard.

And the time of the useless, that they need to be judged

The judgment of the good throne is at hand. A lot of you’re goats and never actual sheep, you will need to promote and repent and sow within the poor nations for the harvest. In the event you doubt whether or not an angel is talking and you haven’t any witness in your spirit, take it to an anointed one and get affirmation. Many will name the Grasp Lord Lord on that day, and He’ll say: Depart from me, these of you who apply lawlessness. And sin is lawlessness. Subsequently, cease sinning.

And that You need to reward Your servants, the prophets and the saints

Many saints starve and die within the creating world. They’ve by no means had meals or wealth, and lots of the true prophets on Earth are shunned and confined in psychiatric wards to warn church buildings. The prophets will quickly be resurrected and each true prophet will know that it’s I who converse right here and can contact this prophet with out concern.

And people who concern Your identify, small and nice

There may be little concern of the Grasp and Lord Jehovah on earth. One thing we angels are going to vary once we come to earth to destroy human life. And why should not we? You let Africa starve and die of AIDS. Now we’re going to take the lives of harmless individuals within the West. We’re going to flip our faces in opposition to cash, wealth and prosperity and destroy the inventory market and banks and the worth of cash, and particularly the mighty US greenback. Our Grasp won’t flip his again on him and he’s already on the white horse to make conflict with the earth.

There isn’t a different solution to save your self than to wish for an hour a day, learn the Phrase for an hour a day, and sow cash for bibles within the creating world.

The sunshine will exit, the Spirit will stop to convey His voice, and the anointing will go away the church buildings. The Grasp is filled with anger and has mercy just for the merciful.

Subsequently, repent and alter

And will destroy those that destroy the earth. Mankind decided to earn more money and wealth will endure by the hands of Jehovah. Large multinationals will now not be in energy, and superpowers will now not be tremendous highly effective. The 2 witnesses will make conflict on earth and as Pharaoh verses Moses, the good world and its leaders will lose. The Two Witnesses are alive and courageous and able to hit Earth. They know Me personally and know all of the mighty angels of heaven and the Grasp Jesus Christ. They won’t be preached to. They will not again down. They are going to struggle for the poor. They are going to proclaim the everlasting gospel with out concern of mankind. You’ll be able to arrest them, you’ll be able to put them in prisons, you’ll be able to shoot them, however nothing will cease them. They’ve sufficient religion to cease the worldwide financial system.

They’ve sufficient energy to show the west coast of America into blood if the trendy president does not observe their orders, and as a terrorist they will not be obeyed, proper? It is time to concern God.

I’m the messenger of the Lord. This can be a quick warning. You could share this warning, print this warning, learn the Bible, pray extra and ship Bibles to the creating world.

Watch tv and my Grasp will quickly arrange some graphic leisure for you. Cease taking part in church, and cry and quick and cease sinning.

I’m Gabriel, the chief messenger and you’ve got seen a partial achievement of Revelation 14:6-7. The prophet that typed it’s Matthew Robert Payne, and he is any individual like Moses.

So take motion.

If the entire world of pals you recognize do not get this warning, it wasn’t our fault, it was yours. Worry God and cry for His mercy, instances will get very darkish. Love the Father Jehovah, via My angel Gabriel.

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