Enzyme Diet – The Key to Longevity

Enzymes are long-chain proteins which are held collectively in very particular shapes by hydrogen bonds, reminiscent of a string held in a really particular form by small strips of Velcro. If one thing occurs to the Velcro-like bonds, the enzyme protein unravels and loses its form. With out the form, the important thing will not match within the lock. Then it’s not an enzyme – simply one other international protein.

What causes international proteins in our physique? Proper – ignition. immune response. And that’s precisely what autoimmune means. The physique now assaults itself as a result of it senses an alien is on board. Self confronted with non-self.

If the bonds are damaged, the enzyme collapses and might not do its particular job. Such a collapsed enzyme could be denatured. A number of occasions trigger an enzyme to develop into denatured:

– heating above 118 F (boiling)
– medicine
– alcohol
– fluorine
– free radicals
– meals processing
– canning
– irradiation

Just about all processed meals comprise an abundance of denatured, allergenic enzymes. Nearly all of allergic reactions as we speak might be traced on to processed meals intoxication. Meals allergy.

What destroys milk is civilization: killing the enzymes with warmth, including antibiotics and hormones to the cows’ weight loss plan, retaining the cows in a mineral-deficient surroundings, and artificially making ready them for lengthy durations of storage . (Value)


Now most of us know what to eat. However when it comes all the way down to it, which it does a number of instances a day, many people simply eat meals we’re “hungry” for. We’re continuously attacked with ? Photographs of burgers, fries, ice cream, chips, Pepsi, sweet, donuts, milk, cheese, MGD, and so on. Simply listening to these phrases makes our mouths water. These are the perfect gifs ever made. Not solely do they comprise little or no dietary worth; even when they did, there’s nearly no probability of us reaching it as a result of these meals do not comprise enzymes. They’ve all been eliminated throughout processing. Due to this fact, your complete burden of digestion is positioned on our physique’s personal enzymes. Meals are damaged down solely partially or under no circumstances by our personal digestive enzymes as a result of many meals are so international, processed, comprise so many chemical substances and preservatives, and are so new to humanity that they overwhelm our physique’s capabilities. to metabolize them.

Pure and uncooked meals comprise vitamins, reminiscent of nutritional vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Processed meals might be described as devitalized – there’s not a lot in them for us to make use of. The ‘meals of commerce’ are made to be offered, to remain on the shelf for a very long time. This has nothing to do with human meals.


So what occurs to all this undigested meals? The place is it going? What occurs is that so much goes in, however by no means comes out. A bit obscure? The typical 35-year-old has between 4 and 22 lbs of undigested meals within the intestine alone, even in line with the FDA.

As famous above, this rotting waste not solely stays within the intestine, however can cross unscathed into the bloodstream, the place it leads to nearly any a part of the physique. Such meals is international and might trigger irritation in any space the place it will get caught.

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