Constantine the Nice – Was He a Saint or the Most Evil Particular person?

There are doubts in regards to the life and work of Constantine, Emperor of Rome and the founding father of the Roman Catholic Church. Historical past information that he was a crafty and skillful normal whose charisma and appeal made him a hero within the eyes of his followers. His exploits and conquests present that he was extraordinarily violent, unsympathetic, and decided to achieve sole rulership of the realm at any price. Thus, relying on one’s means of historical past, he might be one or each.

The next evaluation of him is drawn from my expertise of reincarnation and a hyperlink to the spirit of the universe. That mighty energy of creation and the ruler of all issues is past the creativeness of man, so with out that interior information one can dream and all the things is feasible. Commanded to tear down the wall that separates males from the reality, my coaching in non secular issues started with these phrases, rendered in a imaginative and prescient in giant capital letters: CONSTANTINE IS 666.

At the moment I had hardly heard of him and knew nothing about his exploits. Nonetheless, that may quickly change as over the subsequent few months his devious methods have been revealed to me. His fame started with the loss of life of his father, Constantius. Each names imply ‘fixed’ in English. However there are three beasts talked about in Revelation 13.

And he exercised all the facility of the primary beast… and prompted the earth and people who dwell therein to worship the primary beast… and deceived those that dwell on the earth… saying to them… make a picture to the beast that was wounded by the sword and livedRevelation 13:12-14

In different phrases, he stored fixed all the things that had come earlier than him, and the Spirit rapidly confirmed me the essence of what that was. To raised perceive, the Spirit led me to the id of the primary beast. He’s Ishmael, the son of Abraham. He was disowned by Sarah, the latter’s spouse, after her son Isaac was born.

And God was with the boy; and he grew up and dwelt within the wilderness and have become an archerGenesis 21:20.

These figures are metaphors for early non secular practices and rituals. ‘Abraham’ comes from ‘ob-ra-ma’ which implies ‘circle-bearing mighty mom’. The Spirit confirmed me tips on how to break phrases aside and that every syllable or image pertains to one other time period as proven. It is like textual content messages at the moment the place a logo or letter might be learn as a phrase.

The title ‘Abraham’ underwent adjustments as languages ​​developed. The letter [h]for instance, comes from the Greek image for the seat of Zeus and stands for ‘mountain’.

‘Is-ma-el’ interprets as ‘eye of light-mother god’. [S] is an previous time period for spirit whereas ‘ma’ means mom in nearly all languages. ‘El’ stands for ‘god’ and ‘el-a’ or ‘god-power’ is the origin of Allah, the Islamic phrase for the divine.

Ismal grew to become ‘Islam’ and the good nation of followers have been the Amors who constructed and occupied Babylon. They migrated west to Italy and constructed Roma (Amor inverted) and have become the Romans. Constantine was a descendant and he, like all Romans, was Muslim and dedicated to the gods of Babylon.

When he based the Roman Catholic Church in 325 AD, he resurrected the third beast, Jesus Christ. That is the one who had the wound by the sword and lived.

The time period “beast” has many definitions and the primary applies to an aggressive animal. It additionally applies to something immoral or non-human. Within the context of the Bible, it could discuss with one thing that devours. My understanding of the that means on this context is sort of a thief who steals with out mercy.

That impression comes from the exercise round these three, which resulted from in depth analysis. Ismal is the personification of solar worship and Babylon was the place the place the primary ziggurat appeared to painting the picture of the solar star. It consists of the magnificent circles of transferring rainbow colours that may be seen when rays of sunshine unfold by an object. The cross is central to this picture.

It was given the title Mari, which interprets as “mom’s highly effective gentle.” The letters [r], [a], [ra], and ‘ray’ means energy. Realizing how easy sounds developed into language helped perceive historic customs.

The star was stylized into a girl, as depicted in icons from cities similar to Nineveh and listed on Wikipedia. Males believed they might “marry” Mary by dying on crosses and permitting their spirits to ascend with the rising solar. This ritual was so endemic to the tradition that it unfold to different lands with the Amors. The tomb of Ramesses II exhibits him along with his arms crossed, the seven rays of the solar penetrating a gap within the wall, and above him is a picture of a person holding a cross.

Behold, you belief within the rod of this damaged reed, in Egypt, upon which, if a person leans, it can go into his hand and pierce it: so is Pharaoh king of Egypt to all who belief in him“Isaiah 36:6

The rod is the cross and it got here into being as a sacred signal from the solar star of Babylon and Ishmael. It’s the cross that has develop into the mainstay and figuring out image of Christianity.

O Assyrian, the rod of my anger, and the rod of their hand is my indignation“Isaiah 10:5

Petroglyphs from so far as Scandinavia present males rising upwards holding the circle of cross like a kite. The concept of ​​angels developed from this, as anthropomorphic figures resembling people are depicted with the heads of birds, wings of angels, legs of bulls, and often a sword at their aspect.

In Nineveh, the Mom God’s consort was a bull with a person’s head. It bears wings and is joined in a single picture by an angelic creature in photos. ‘Bull’ comes from ‘Bo-el’ which implies ‘carrying circle of god’. The picture of the solar star got here by a gap within the stone on the prime of the ziggurat or mountain. It grew to become the ‘bull’s eye’ and since vowels have been unstable and interchangeable, the identical goes for ‘ba-al’ and ‘bal’ for the article passing by the outlet or hoop.

The bull god-man is talked about in lots of locations within the bible. In 1 Kings, the prophet Elijah challenges bull prophets to a contest to show whether or not he’s a god or not. He asks them to sacrifice their bull and invoke their gods to eat it. They did it within the afternoon and known as to Ba-al and reduce themselves and bled, however there was no reply. They continued to shout till the time of the night sacrifice, however nothing occurred.

Elijah then reduce off his bull and laid it on the altar and known as on the title of God to eat it.

Then the hearth of God fell and consumed the burnt providing…and when the individuals noticed it, they fell on their faces and stated…he’s God” 1 Kinga 18:17-39

In a imaginative and prescient, a line stretched far into the space in entrance of me. There have been individuals alongside the road, and the place I stood a shiny gentle, better than the solar, arose and bent over it to the start. It stated EVE in large capitals. Within the center it was NOON and in my place it was EVENING.

When it was midday, many reached for a picture of a person on a cross. That a part of the road was nearly pitch darkish. The Bible describes this time:

We grope for the wall like blind males, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at midday as at evening; we’re in abandoned locations like lifeless males“Isaiah 59:10

The Spirit confirmed me that the day of the lord was about 4,000 years lengthy. Midday is the time of the so-called prophet Jesus Christ and Constantine. It introduced excessive darkness to the world and issues like wars, illness, famine, poverty, greed, medication, slavery, loss and now we all know the approaching finish of the world.

Individuals pray to their gods they usually reduce themselves and imitate the loss of life of Christ on a cross they usually soar up and down however little or nothing occurs. There have been few “miracles” in all that point besides what is going on now because the Spirit pours out on those that have escaped below that affect.

The bull-god-man on the cross is just a part of the story and now it is as much as individuals to determine who they contemplate to be God. Is it the Spirit of the Universe or the Trinity of the New Testomony? To assist the choice maker, the Spirit has left this message:

I’m God and in addition to me there isn’t any one else, there isn’t any God in addition to me. There isn’t a god beside me;… I type gentle and create darkness: I make peace and create evil… Isaiah 45:5-7

My reincarnation proves that there isn’t any heaven or hell, satan, angels or saints. This stuff are non secular showcase. Heaven is the broom that sweeps individuals in and hell is the lock on the door that stops them from escaping.

Nonetheless, the non secular of God can escape if the wall is introduced down with the publicity of the reality, for which there isn’t any compensation. The barrier is to stop those that usually are not of the Spirit from getting into.

Constantine restored the idols of the primary beast when he based his faith. He positioned Mary in it because the Mom of God and Jesus Christ as the brand new prophet and so-called Savior. He devoured the reality and imprisoned God’s individuals within the jail of confusion that he had constructed.

The floodgates are open and folks can now stroll freely and determine who they suppose is the actual God. The ox from the noon sacrifice is now consumed.

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