Best Master Lock Reviews 2022 – Comprehensive Guide

The Master lock is recognized all our world as an authentic name of a padlock in security products. It is providing the security services since 1921. Due to sturdy design, reliable products to maintain customer satisfaction, indeed of years of hard work master lock is busy serving people.

Nowadays the best master lock has emerged as a mysterious brand. Moreover, some of this product has been ranked based on the specific design, the strongest Master lock provides security products like a gym locker, school gate, luggage lock, and combination lock. Although security needs everyone

Best Master Lock In 2022

Here is some of the top 10 best master lock reviews.

Product Type Price
Magnification Lens 1588D Padlock Check Price
Combination Lock 178D Lock Check Price
Master Lock 141D Key Padlock Check Price
Master Lock 1561DAST Combination lock Check Price
Master Lock 1177D Padlock Check Price
Master Lock M5XTLJ Padlock Check Price
Master Lock 187XD Padlock Check Price
Master Lock 5425D Key Padlock Check Price
Master Lock 5900D Lock Check Price
Master Lock 140DLF Key Lock Check Price

1. Magnification Lens 1588D Padlocks

In fact Master lock 1588D is a magnification combination padlock. every one know that this LENS is used for security reasons but, if a person has visual limitation this padlock is best for those. This strongest padlock is keyless conveniences. Whereas padlock is available in assorted variant as an optical grade magnification lens.

the magnification lens padlock

Relevant features:

Firstly we talk about the sturdy design of the strongest master lock pad lock. The rotary functionality is used in it even that toe lever moves right-left. Besides that the optical lens 360° magnification to eliminate the guesswork. Furthermore, three-digit combination locks work in it. and  7/8 shackle provides hardened security from cut resistance

The use of combo locks is very easy. It is a keyless lock. for this three-digit combinations are used in it. Due to soft-touch round ring move right to left mechanism. Therefore a numeric number can easily understand.  

The whole-body of this master padlock is made by 2-1/8in with a metal. furthermore, sturdy design in assorted color in addition to 9/32in hardened shackles made by steel to protect cut resistance and weather resistance and locking mechanisms are features of anti-shim technology include in it.


  • Magnification lens
  • Anti-Shim technology
  • Sturdy design


  • Only inside uses
  • Dial padlock is not reliable

If you have a visual limitation for indoor uses padlock so this cheap master locks is best for you. I will highly recommend the product for you. 

2. A Combination Lock 178D

The master lock has been performing security services for decades therefore this master lock high security padlock provides to your belongings and locker. this is included in our top product list. Particularly, the padlock is used for both indoor & outdoor.

master lock 178D

Relevant features:

This master lock has its own 4 digit combination codes. If you want to change it so very simple steps to reset the combination lock are built-in.  Due to solid body its combo lock is strength and weather ability. The hardened steel shackle protects him from cut resistance.

If we take a look at its design the strongest master lock models 178D has a solid black body and white hardened shackles are made very sturdy even so in the bottom combo code is built-in which can easily reset the code. Solid black body protects him from bolt cutter. And hardened shackle protects him from weather rust.

Finally with this in mind if you want to change the combination code presses the key inside the hole of the master lock then combo has 0-0-0-0 select your code and remove the master lock extra keys. 


  • Affordable
  • Highly recommended
  • More secure and durable       


  • Easily change combo code          

If you want to secure your confidential material through a master lock so that strongest padlock is highly recommended for you.

3. Master Lock 141D Covered Aluminum Keyed Padlock

the Master lock models 141D is a key lock. Its whole body covered with aluminum to protect him from cut resistance. It has one padlock with two master lock extra keys. If you are looking for a keyed and durable padlock so this is better than other locks.

keyed padlock

Relevant features:

The master lock is found in various colours, used in different situations as well as indoor and outdoor to protect from theft

Previously, the black body has been covered with vinyl and aluminum to prevent scratch and corrosion resistance, and a Four-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism are used to open and close the lock

The whole body diameter is 40mm even the Hardened shackle diameter is fact the total length is 22mm and the total width is 21mm.

This strongest master lock outdoor padlock like a school, gym and office gate.


  • Cheap price
  • Durable
  • Easy to use     


  • loss the key loss the access 

If you are busy in your life. Even too difficult to remember the password. So don’t worry this lock 141D is best for you.

4. Master Lock 1561DAST

No doubt master lock is a popular brand due to security products but furthermore, it has also introduced the new revolution in the field of security. Therefore the master padlocks provide the best security services

Master Lock 1561DAST

Relevant features:

This lock 1561 is also a combination padlock however through security it is best from other than. His security services provide the protection of your belongings from theft.

If we take his design look. So we know that this lock has no key. that strongest padlock has its own combination system.

we know that the whole body is made by aluminum and hardened shackle is made by steel Anti-shim locking mechanism work in it.  Rounded dial padlock is secure and durable.

this strongest master lock models is available in assorted colour like blue, red, and green and also in combined colour. It also provides a limited lifetime warranty if you have any issue regarding the products


  • Works Well
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and Strong
  • Affordable


  • Only Indoor use

If you want to secure a gym locker and anything that relates to your indoor, so I will recommend this to you.

5. Master Lock 1177D, Brass, Padlock, ProSeries

Pro series is the best master locks models security in all our padlocks because this padlock is designed for commercial use and no one can defeat it. Its brass brace guarantees its strength. The one characteristic of this padlock is that it has ability of the best master lock padlock sets your own combination code.

master lock 1177D

Relevant features:

Let’s take a look at this design. Firstly the dust cover protects him roe lever mechanism. Therefore these new features improve the master lock weather resistance ability. Second, the reset combination system included in it. these padlocks are specially designed for industrial applications

The hardened Shackle seal and dial dust cover protect the internal component. 4 digit combination locks provide the protection and 10000 possible tools is required to reset the lock.

its 2-1/4in (57mm) wide shrouded solid brass body for superior corrosion resistance and a 1-1/16in (28mm) total length, 3/8in (10mm) diameter shackle with shrouded feature for ultimate cut resistance.

Furthermore, one of the best master locks characterize is that to provide the lifetime guarantee to keep your mind peace.


  • Commercial uses
  • Weather resistance
  • Durable and strong padlock
  • Heavy duty


  • After few month jammed the toe lever
  • Expensive

This master lock models are using for those who have a small business or a shop and want to secure your belongings. So this lock is best for those.

6. Master Lock M5XTLJ Magnum Laminated Steel Series

The master lock magnum is known for the laminated steel body design. Instead, that is not easy to find the best master locks because there are many models in it and not easy to determine which one is best.

Magnum Laminated Steel Series

Relevant features:

Firstly we describe the characteristics of this best master locks magnum. The long boron carbide shackle provides the strength and maximum security for the padlock. And provides him protection from theft. Dual ball bearing locking mechanism provides maximum pick and pry resistance.

This master lock magnum is divided into two steps. First in inner and second is outer. The inner body is full of laminated steel core for strength surrounded stainless steel and the outer body is zinc to protect him from weather resistance rush and dust.

This is best for shed, school, gate, and locker.


  • Padlock with key
  • Secure and durable
  • Heavy duty
  • Ball bearing mechanism   


  • highly Costly

If you felt hard to remember the password so don’t worry this padlock is best for you because it has a key. Even if you lose the key lose the lock access.

7. Master Lock 187XD Padlock, Titanium Series

The titanium series padlock is the best mini master lock focusing on the outer body area like storage unit and garage. instead, this product of master lock padlocks is manufactured in china country The handling of this is very easy.

Master Lock 187XD

Relevant features:

Let’s take a look at the design of this master product. The rounded design and minimize shackle exposure protect the lock from cut resistance and bolt cutter. And that’s its durability reliability.    

The keyway cover keeps the locking mechanism from rust and dust.the hardened shackle is full of steel made and the key retaining feature ensures padlock is not left unlocked.

The 4 pin cylinder prevents the dual locking levers provide resistance against prying and hammering. The assorted color of this padlock like black and white to make it beautiful


  • Minimum shackle exposure
  • Lifetime warranty
  • China product


  • Expensive  and heavy weight    

if you want your lock will be locked until removed the key from the padlock. If you get this lock, you will notice that it is the best padlock in the locker room.

8. Master Lock 5425D Wall Mount Box 

This wall mount is the best master combo lock in our previous list because this master lock sets light-up dials for better visibility even it holds up to 5 keys storage. Furthermore in its back the wall mount option is included in it.

Master Lock 5425D Wall Mount

Relevant features:

firstly we discuss the feature of this padlock it has lot of space for storage. The internal space will allow us the secure storage for multiple keys. The wall mount design offers permanent installation

In addition, it has multiple options to personalized combination code and the reset option is include in it to enhance the security. It has 4 digit combination codes you can easily remember it. The 6 key capacities in it.  

if you want to mount the padlock in your wall so in this lock has that functionality. And master lock weather resistance padlock cover provides protection from freezing and rusting. Therefore without battery, this is not working    


  • Front door use   
  • Well-made
  • 6 key storage Capacity
  • Efficient lock


  • heavy weight
  • Not long term running products
  • Highly Expensive


If you are looking for a secure and durable product to protect your belongings so this is not for you so stay away from it.  

9. Master Lock 5900D Portable Safe

Master lock 5900D has a safety feature it provides the security to your belongings. Like a mobile phone, car key, and money. Basically it’s a small wallet your all necessary belongings are safe in it. This is the best lock in all our padlock

Master Lock 5900D Portable

Relevant features:

Mainly the masterlock padlock is ideal safe for a traveller and a personal safe it provides the protection and security from theft. This is a small safe and fixed with a cable.

This is a portable safe therefore it has 4 digit combination codes to protect him. It is a keyless product.

Let’s take a look at its features. the outer body of this padlock has made by absorbing foam. which has no impact on the weather on it like a rainwater

The total interior width is 3-1/2 inch and the length is 8-3/8 inch and the total depth is 1 inch.


  • Maximum Capacity for storage
  • Portable Safe
  • Small box size



  • Low Material are used in it

If you are a sportsman and carrying maximum belongings with us so this lock is good for you.

10. Master Lock 140DLF Padlock with Key

The master lock 140DLF is one of the best for backpacks. Its long shackle prevents from cut resistance. This padlock is available in variant shackle length for various uses and the key feature also include in it.

Master Lock 140DLF

Relevant features:

One of the best features of this padlock is solid brass body to resist corrosion and hardened steel shackle for cut resistance. key features are used in this padlock.

On the other hand the dual lever locking provides pick and pack with two keys. The specification of this padlock is that 1-9/16 inch wide body. The shackle diameter is 1/4 inch. Total length is 1/2 inch and width is 13/16.the 4 pin cylinder helps prevents picking.


  • Long shackle
  • Durable and strong
  • Easy to use
  • Cheap price


  • loss the key loss the access

If you compare this padlock with the combination padlock so I will recommended the key padlock because it is much durable than combination padlock

Frequently Asked Question FAQ’S

yes the master lock 178D is one of the good lock.

Master lock magnum lock is the most secure padlock.because its whole body is designed by brass and metal . and that protect him from cut resistance

No the master lock has hardened steel shackle and dur to this shackle it is not easy to cut.

the 4 digit combination lock are easy to unlock because it has option to reset the code so therefore we can easily to unlock it.

Final Verdict:

Each and every lock in this list has a unique specification. Different situations to keep in mind reviewed the various padlocks which one is the best master lock in the sense of security.
The two types of master locks are reviewed here one of the key locks and the other is combination my opinion for the security the key lock is the best master locks than the combination.  

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