Best Lock For Electric Scooter In 2022- Security Chain & Disc For wheel

In the big cities of the world, where the facilities are being created, problems are also being made with them. Like stealing things. If you are also wondering about things being stolen or thinking of security measures for them. So we are going to tell you about some of the products that will eliminate this problem for you forever.

We’ve reviewed some of the articles and researching those people whose valuable things were stolen. Like scooters, cars, and bicycles. One thing that is common to all of these people is poor security arrangements so below are our recommendations list available for the best lock for electric scooters with pros and cons so choose the lock and secure your valuable assets.

10 Best Scooter Lock

Here are the Best scooter lock products enlisted check it out.

Product Name  Type Price
Granit CityChain Chain Lock Check Price
Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit U Lock Check Price
ONGUARD Padlock U Shape Check Price
VULCAN Security Chain Chain Lock Check Price
Terra Hiker Combination Lock Check Price
Via Velo Lock Lock With Cable Check Price
SIGTUNA Lock U Shape Check Price
Granit Extreme Plus Lock Disc Lock Check Price
Grip-Lock GLRed Handbar Lock Check Price
Seway Lock Combination Lock Check Price

ABUS Granit CityChain Lock – Best Scooter Lock

The Granite City Chain is one of the finest products, but the ABUS brand lock is considered the most secure. Honestly say when I was bought this lock for my Escooter the total steel chain covered with cloth sleeves. Which keeps the chain from weather resistance and rust. So that the chain life is longer

If we take a look at his design so it is designed in a new technology patent locking mechanism to ensure security. All of the elements are made from high hardened steel and X-Plus cylinder which provide protection against cut resistance

These lock are come with different version like 1060/85/140/170 cm. if we talk about the overall performance so it might be an amazing features lock for your personal assets. Best used for bike, electric scooter and bicycle.

Key Specification

Brand       ABUS

Color     Black

Material    Steel

Dimension    66.93, 3.94, 3.94 Inches

Item weight     3750 Grams


  • High technology patented
  • Durable and strong
  • 10mm hardened steel
  • Two additional key, one is LED


  • Not suitable for gym locker
  • Keep safe from child

Kryptonite Fahgettaboudit Chain Lock – Best Scooter Chain Lock

There is no doubt that the kryptonite fahgettaboudit chain locks is one of the strongest and most secure locks in the locking world. Despite being overweight the people can blindly trust him. Because it fulfill the entire security requirement and keep from stolen resistance.

If we talk about his design and construction material so it is as strong as it looks sample. If we look at his performance so some features in his locks are those which is unbeatable. Like its six-sided chain, its 15mm hardened shackle and the double deadbolt design are making him strong.

The kryptonite chain lock provides the registration facility in case lose the key. This lock is good for bike, scooter, house, bicycle and a house.

Key Specification

Brand       kryptonite

Color     Black,Blue,Red

Material    Steel Shackle, nylon, 3t manganese

Dimension    0.39, 0.39, 0.39 Inches

Item weight     15 Pound

Shape    U- Type lock, Round


  • Made from high hardened steel
  • Only for heavy duty
  • Durable and strong
  • High construction material


  • Heavy and bulky lock for bike and scooter

ONGUARD Padlock – Best U Lock For Scooter

Onguard beast chain padlock is a heavy-duty and high-quality construction lock with comes a chain loop as which is used as needed. The nylon which is a thermoplastic silky material covers the steel chain and keeps your carbon from scratch.

This is a U- shape lock which is made from hardened steel. Its U shape is a bit longer than other locks but you can feel comfortable in hand. The XP4 padlock technology is used for onguard which provide the protection and versatility to customer.

This locks are prepare with titanium material which is good for durability therefore it reduce the chance of theft.

Key Specification

Brand       ONGUARD

Color     Black

Material    Titanium

Dimension    15.7, 10, 3 Inches

Item weight     4.41 Pound

Shape    U Shape


  • XP4 technology technique
  • Durable and strong
  • Heavy duty
  • High quality made


  • Chain is heavy then locks

VULCAN Security Chain – Best Lock For Wheels

The Vulcan security chain and lock kit is the only premium security set that comes with a complete box together with all the necessary components that provides flexibility and security. This exclusive shape comes with a high quality material.

Additionally, I encountered one feature in this lock that I found to be very true: Its guaranteed security. In the words of the Vulcan, his chain is protected via cut-bolt cutters and hand tools. Because of this, people trust him.

This lock kit it ideal for motorcycles, machinery, door and gates. It is practically impossible to handle burglary tools. This is one of the best in over list for securing things.

Key Specification

Brand       VULCAN

Color     Black

Material    Hardened steel

Dimension    108, 0.38, 1 Inches

Item weight     14.54 Pound

Shape    Rectangular


  • Highly recommended for security
  • Life time warrantee chain
  • Hardened steel constructed
  • Impossible for cut bot cutter


  • The chain is heavy and sturdy
  • Expensive chain

 Terra Hiker Combination Lock – Best Lock For Moped

The terra hiker is a 5 digit combination lock which is considered a new modern technology lock as seen it is sample but it is stronger than other small locks. It is a keyless lock so the positioning system is used to open and close it.

We talk about its performance in terms of its knob system which allows to set and reset the combination. The alloy lock cylinder is made of steel and provides protection from zinc and weather resistant.

The ABS shell is used during construction and the purpose of the ABS to keep the shell from deform in the high and low temperatures. And its keep the chain from cut and drill resistance. This is best lock for small usage. Like bicycle

Key Specification

Brand       Terra Hiker

Color     Black

Material    Alloy steel, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Zinc

Chain Material    Quality Manganese Steel

Shape    Combination lock

Finish Type      Painted

Item weight    1.6 pound


  • Combination lock with zinc cylinder
  • High quality chain and wrapped material
  • Strong and reliable
  • Light weight


  • Loss the combination, impossible to cut
  • Not use for heavy duty

Via Velo U Lock With Cable – Best Cable Lock For Scooter

The Via Velo U lock with cable is an amazing lock for those who are looking for the lock for their electric scooter. A long wire for locking has come with that therefore the other Tools as hacksaws will surely bow down before the Via Velo.

This U shape lock is best for weather resistance the hexagonal PVC upholstery is a feature that prevents the lock from dust damage and water. One more thing this has come to an affordable price range with quality.

the usage of this lock is very easy no hassle system required to lock and unlock your scooter and  bike. The bracket is easily too removable. This is the great safety bike and scooter tool. Which is significantly cheaper and stronger than most U locks within the same category.

Key Specification

Brand       Via Velo  

Color     Black

Material    Alloy steel

Shape    Rounded

Finish Type      Painted

Item weight    1.38 kg


  • Light weight and durable
  • Steel material constructed
  • Simply installation and uses
  • Affordable price


  • Cable is thickness than other U shape
  • Keyhole is not reliable

SIGTUNA Lock- Best For Heavy Duty

The Sigtuna lock has a double locking feature like one is a cable that is purely constructed with steel and not easy to breakable and the other is a 16mm shackle with a double lock which is hardcore made. This is best for bike locks.

The cable is used for the front and back wheel of the scooter and bike and from the helping of shackle attached the cable wire with a shackle which gives you complete satisfaction of security from cut resistance and stolen.

This lock has all those qualities, which are not possible in an expensive lock. For example, plastic coasting makes sure your scooter and locks are both safe from any resistance.

Key Specification

Brand       SIGTUNA  

Color     Black

Material    Stainless steel

Finish Type      Painted

Item weight    1.38 kg

Lock Type       Heavy duty Bicycle lock


  • Anti- theft ABS steel U lock
  • Mounted bracket for locking
  • Best scooter lock in price
  • Durable and strong


  • The key is easily breakable not durable

Granit Extreme Plus Lock – Best Disc Lock

ABUS is known in the market to make high-quality locks, and this is the best combination lock between lock and chain. This is the most secure motorcycle chain lock on the market. The Granit extreme plus chain lock is the best of the worlds.

My first bike was stolen and the second attempted theft prompted me to go for the best I could get and that is the best lock which will secure my bike and electric scooter safe. The 12mm thickness and with a fiber silky cloth are protected the chain and locking mechanism.

This granit extreme comes in three different sizes so it depends on the size you require. I believe they offer a more secure feel and save time instead of having to link ends through a padlock.

Key Specification

Brand       ABUS  

Color     Black

Material    Stainless steel

Item weight    8.27 pound

Lock Type       Combination Lock


  • Heavy duty & extreme security
  • Extra cover to extra security
  • High quality construction
  • Easy to use


  • Without the code card not access the new key

Grip-Lock GLRed – Best Security Lock

You can see most of the scooter and bike around you being locked through a lock cable or his wheel is locked but you will never see the handlebar lock of a bike or scooter. Because no one know about his security concern

The grip lock is widely considered the most secure lock in the entire market, especially for an electric scooter because this lock is applied to the scooter handlebar and brake lever. This lock holds the handle closely and brakes tightly, preventing you from being able to move the scooter forward and backwards.

The additional keys are come with this lock which is easy to open and close. So this is one of the best lock for electric scooter.

Key Specification

Brand       GRIP-LOCK  

Color     Black,Red

Material    Stainless steel

Lock Type       Handlebar Lock


  • Quality material steel construction
  • Easy to use and managed
  • Light weight lock
  • Affordable price


  • Not recommended for bicycle
  • Not use for long lasting

Seway Scooter Lock – Best Combination Lock for Scooter

You should try the Seway Scooter Lock, which bends around your scooter’s wheels to secure it to any surface. It’s made out of braided steel and PVC coated for top-quality safety mechanisms.

The scooter lock is secured by a four-digit security pin that can be adjusted whenever you want. Unfortunately, thieves are unable to change the pin as they need the previous pin in order to get into it in the first place.

The cable wire is almost 1.2 meter long so you can secure the whole scooter using this cable. It is best for scooter

Key Specification

Brand       SEWAY   

Color     Black

Material    Coiled Steel

Lock Type       Combination lock

Shape           Round


  • Cable length is 1.2 meter
  • Indoor & outdoor use  
  • Changeable 4 digit code pin
  • Easy to affordable


  • Not confident for combination system
  • Weather resistance impact on it

How To Choose The Best Lock For Electric Scooter

There are different type’s locks for electric scooters are available in the market but which is best in terms of security it’s hard to know. It is important to purchase a bike lock that is customized to meet your individual needs and preferences. You need to decide why you require a bike lock beforehand; this way, you will always get the right lock. And what features should it have? Let’s see.

Cable Locks

Cable locks are one of the common types of lock which are mostly used to secure the bike, scooter, and bicycle. This type of lock comes with a long cable wire which is wrapped in your scooter. Some of the locks have a combination mechanism for locking and some keys. So make sure the wire is constructed with stainless steel which protects from cut resistance and the nylon sleeve keeps the wire from dust and zinc.


The U lock is one of the heaviest locks and therefore it is the strongest lock in the entire locks. This lock comes with a key and sometimes it is heavy for your scooter and bike but it is full fill the security requirement for stolen valuable things. Easy to use to open and lock the lock.

Chain Lock                         

The chain lock is one of the best security locks. It has two locking features one is its durable and unbreakable chain which is hardened steel made and the other is a lock mechanism that uses the key to open and close.  It is a heavy security protection security lock that is unable to cut with a bolt cutter.

Combination Lock

These types of locks have come with modern technology it does not need a key to open and close the lock but it has a numeric or alphabetic character for the locking mechanism. It has also the possibility to reset the code. For the small purpose, it is the best lock but for a long-lasting, it is not durable. This is also constructed with a high technology or a steel material. 


The purpose of this article is to aware the people who are wounding about his valuable thing and want to know about the security concern and identify which is the best lock for electric scooter. So all the important information is given on the basis of characteristics, durability, and a high quality material, so it is up to you which lock fulfill the security requirements for you.

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