Military Ant Colonies

Overlook about lions, tigers and bears. In terms of battle artwork, military ants are among the many most terrifying creatures on the planet. With highly effective mouthparts, these fighters can deftly slice up creatures a lot bigger than themselves. Appearing collectively in giant numbers, military ant colonies handle to commit tens of hundreds of such kills day by day. Nevertheless, their capabilities have limits. Opposite to fashionable perception, they virtually by no means take down giant animals or folks.

Among the best locations to look at military ants is Barro Colorado, an island in a lake created by the Panama Canal. The island is house to a minimum of 50 colonies of Eciton burchellii, essentially the most studied military ant on the planet. It’s considered one of 150 species of military ants within the New World; greater than 170 different species stay in Asia, Africa and Australia.

The colonies of this military ant are large, starting from 300,000 to 700,000 ants. They by no means keep in a single place for lengthy and transfer from nesting place to nesting place. Linking their legs collectively, they use their very own our bodies to kind large nests known as bivouacs, which they grasp below a fallen tree. There they keep for about 20 days whereas the queen lays as many as 300,000 eggs.

When the ants go searching, as many as 200,000 go away the nest in a gaggle that grows right into a fan as much as 14 meters broad. This swarm assault follows a barely totally different course every day, permitting the hunters to cowl contemporary floor every time.

Wherever they go, the ants are protected by the troopers, recognizable by their outsized jaws. When their fearsome look does not deter enemies, troopers even have a strong chew — and the assault is usually suicidal. As a result of their jaws are formed like fish hooks, the troopers can not pull them out. Amazonian tribes have used soldier ants to shut wounds, break up the our bodies and go away the heads in place.

Eciton burchellii are blind and unable to see what’s forward of them, however they transfer collectively in such giant numbers that they simply kill the non-army ants, bugs and different small creatures.

In Japanese, the phrase ant is written by connecting two characters: one means “insect”, the opposite means “loyalty”. Certainly, particular person ants are utterly loyal to their fellow ants. They present many examples of selfless cooperation that, whereas actually excessive, can’t fail to reap human admiration.

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