72 Secret Arts of Monks from the Shaolin Monastery

Shaolin’s 72 Secret Arts are strategies of making ready the physique and thoughts for motion underneath excessive circumstances (primarily in circumstances of real-life hand-to-hand fight). In the event you solely prepare hand-to-hand methods and don’t take note of particular coaching, you’ll by no means obtain the best mastery and your actions will lack actual energy. “The fists are like flowers and the legs like embroidery needles”, the outdated masters chortle at such “methods”. The 72 arts of Shaolin are the inspiration of the best mastery in all types of Kung Fu.

“Seventy-two treasured arts are saved in a brocade bag, they’re saved as a fantastic treasure. Eighteen of them are the essence of the well-known treatises on boxing arts. Eighteen different arts describe coaching strategies intimately with the usage of particular instruments and coaching gear. to attain flexibility of the breath-chi, workout routines to acquire hardness and lightness, clenching strategies are written with the blood of monks in books which might be treasured within the brocade bag.One can not often meet those that actually wish to observe with diligence: to change into a real hero, one should typically really feel the bitter style of laborious work.” /Secret Shaolin Treatises on the Artwork of Boxing/

Seventy-two sorts of Shaolin arts signify an instance of private expertise of monks from Shaolin Monastery in Songshan Mountains. This expertise was gained by laborious workout routines in martial arts over many eras. The very best examples of these seventy-two arts are such efficient strategies as qi gong (chi kung), respiratory workout routines chi, workout routines to acquire hardness ying gong and lightness qing gong, acupoint therapeutic massage dian xue, clamp arts qin na (chin na), the artwork of positioning of dislocations and bones and others.

“In all of the practices of the Seventy-two Arts, the essential idea is first studied, and solely then workout routines are accomplished. First, those that observe the humanities prepare the softness of their tendons and bones, and attempt to make all their joints and joints cellular. Then they set the principle breath ZONG LI in movement, strengthen the FU of the inner organs, enhance the blood situation, consolidate the physique’s energy, management the cinnabar subject and focus power in it, overcome their wishes and necessities. The energy spreads to the 4 limbs and the hundred joints and articulations, now a fighter instructions limitless energy and might strike off a thousand jins Your arm of solely ten jins can transfer one thing weighing ten thousand jins with a blow Your arms are a head, your legs are a tail. All the pieces is permeated with a single motion, the physique strikes like a dragon. Lecturers stated: “Shaolin workout routines develop highly effective values ​​of the entire human organism, all joints and bones; you’ll be able to strike with all components of your physique.” There may be one other saying: “The fist is the supply of all arts and the leg is the bottom, the foundation of the fist.” The widespread observe of boxing exists from seventy % of leg coaching and thirty % of fist coaching. In the event you be taught boxing, you need to use eighteen sorts of weapons. In the event you resort to all of the wiles of boxing, you may struggle ten thousand fighters.” /Secret Shaolin Treatises on the Artwork of Boxing/

72 Secret Arts Of Shaolin Monastery Monks:

1. Technique “Diamond Finger” (Yi Zhi Jingang Fa).

2. Train “Twin Lock” (Shuang Suo Gong).

3. Train “beating with the foot” (Zu She Gong).

4. Train “Pull out a nail” (Bo Ding Gong).

5. Train “Ringing Spherical a Tree” (Bao Shu Gong)

6. 4 half train (Si Duan Gong).

7. Train “One Finger of Chan Meditation” (Yi Zhi Chan Gong).

8. Train “Iron Head” (Tie Tou Gong).

9. Train “Iron Shirt” (Tie Bu Shan Gong).

10. Train “A collection of strokes” (Pai Da Gong).

11. Train “Sweeping with an iron broom” (Tie Sao Zhou).

12. Train “Hand – a bamboo leaf” (Zhu Ye Shou Gong).

13. Leaping Centipede Train (WU GONG TIAO).

14. Elevate a weight of 1000 JINs (TIE QIAN JIN).

15. Heavenly Palm (XIAN REN ZHANG).

16. Technique of hardness and softness (GANG ROU FA).

17. Cinnabar palm (ZHU SHA ZHANG).

18. Train Mendacity Tiger (WO HU GONG).

19. Swimming and diving abilities (QIU SHUI SHU).

20. Lock nearer weighing 1000 JINs (QIAN JIN ZHA).

21. Cowl with a golden bell (JIN ZHONG ZHAO).

22. Train Finger Lock (SUO ZHI GONG).

23. Luohan’s Train (LUOHAN GONG).

24. Lizard Climbs the Wall (BIHU YU QIANG SHU).

25. The Artwork of Whipping (BIAN JIN FA).

26. Train “PIPA” (PIPA GONG).

27. “The Pole of a Capturing Star” (LIU XING ZHUANG).

28. “Poland of Plum Bloom” (MEI HUA ZHUANG).

29. The Artwork of the Stone Padlock (SHI SUO GONG).

30. “Talent of the iron arm” (TIE BI GONG).

31. “Fist like a bullet” (DANZI QUAN).

32. Train “Comfortable Bones” (ROU GU GONG).

33. Train “Frog” (HAMA GONG).

34. “Piercing the curtain” train (CHUAN LIAN GONG).

35. The facility of eagle claws (YING ZHAO LI).

36. Method “Iron Bull” (TIE NIU GONG).

37. Eagle Wings Talent (YING YI GONG).

38. Arm of sunbeams (YANG GUANG SHOU).

39. Train for groin (MEN DAN GONG).

40. Train “Iron Bag” (TIE DAI GONG).

41. Technique that reveals the reality (JIE DI GONG).

42. Turtle again talent (GUI BEI GONG).

43. Talent of agile jumps (CUAN ZONG SHU).

44. Talent of Mild Physique (JIN SHEN SHU).

45. Train “Iron Knees” (TIE XI GONG).

46. ​​Strategy of Jumps (TIAO YAO FA).

47. Iron sand palm (TIE SHA ZHANG).

48. Drawing a silk thread (YI XIAN CHUAN).

49. Drawing technique in YIN (XI YIN GONG).

50. Strategy of “rubbing and bumping” (MO CHA SHU).

51. Train “Stone Pile” (SHI ZHU GONG).

52. Talent “Neither lances nor broadswords can wound” (QIANG DAO BU RU FA).

53. Gong Fu “Flight” (FEI XING GONG).

54. Hand of 5 Poisons (WU DU SHOU).

55. Talent of watershed (FEN SHUI GONG).

56. To fly to the ridge and stroll on a wall (FEI YAN ZOU).

57. Somersault Talent (FAN TENG SHU).

58. Pole of cypress (BAI SHU ZHUANG).

59. Ba Wang’s Elbow (BA WANG ZHOU).

60. Train “Pinch a flower” (NIAN HUA GONG).

61. Train “Pushing a mountain with palm” (TUI SHAN ZHANG).

62. Strategy of the horse saddle (MA AN GONG).

63. Talent of Nephrite Belt (YU DAI GONG).

64. YIN Fist Technique (YIN QUAN GONG).

65. Sandbag Talent (SHA BAO GONG).

66. Talent “piercing stones” (DIEN SHI GONG).

67. “Pull Out a Mountain” Talent (BO SHAN GONG).

68. Claws of Mantis (TANGLANG ZHAO).

69. Talent “Bag” (BU DAI GONG).

70. Palm of Guan Yin (GUAN YIN ZHANG).

71. “Elevate a pot” talent (SHANG GUAN GONG).

72. Rubbing palms (HE PAN ZHANG).

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