5 Transmission Issues Corrected by New Components

Automotive breakdown is a worrying matter. Particularly transmission issues.

This is learn how to put an finish to those 5 widespread issues

  1. Sluggish shifting when chilly.
  2. Hold up from one gear to the subsequent.
  3. Tough shift or arduous shift.
  4. Fluid is leaking.
  5. Converter lock up shudder round 40 MPH..

Shifting issues with the transmission require an overhaul – when cleansing the valve physique – the shift management parts can’t be cleaned. Whereas most transmission retailers push you into the $3000 plus rebuild thought, that is as a result of simply cleansing your soiled transmission shift valves is a 2-hour money-loser for the store.

Overhaul has a 75% revenue of about $2000. Valve cleaning-only labor with a fluid change is a $75 revenue. Have it?

The chemical cleansing of your soiled valve shift valves – the strategy I promote – and I am a mechanic, at all times ends tough shifts, shift hangups, that transmission converter rattling 45 mph lockup, and restores easy shifting. And prices about $100 to $150, not $2000. And you are able to do it your self with my steps beneath.

I am going to stroll you thru the steps. Nothing must be taken aside, so calm down on that time as effectively.

This is what analysis exhibits about uncooked shift work points.

It exhibits that frictional resistance, put on from tough surfaces, acids, excessive temperatures and the ensuing sludge residues are the commonest causes of transmission issues.

How Mega Energy, a producer of auto engine transmission therapy components, solves your drawback.

4 new merchandise from Mega Energy work collectively as a problem-solving therapy to finish these 5 transmission issues.

The Mega Energy Transmission Therapy would not include only one ingredient like all different components, however Mega Energy has 4. One ingredient to cowl every of those tough shift inflicting situations. One to finish friction drag and easy put on to roughen gear and bearing surfaces. One to take away points inflicting residues in your valve physique to clear and clear them and to neutralize acids. And a co-polymer for tremendous lubrication and to finish extraordinarily excessive temperatures. These components situation the numerous seals to cease leaks. That is what you get for $100 to $150 as a substitute of $3000 to finish your worries, save quite a lot of out-of-pocket bills and restore transmission reliability.

The required merchandise are provided in a package known as Mega Energy Transmission Service Equipment RS3. Listed below are directions for set up.

Step 1 – Add Mega Energy Transmission Cleaner TS-1 to the soiled transmission fluid. Drive to your native lube man to have it drained and the soiled fluid changed with recent. Or do it your self.

The TS-1 product-free and clear sticky valve controls and removes dangerous, sticky valve residue because the previous fluid is eliminated. These dangerous residues bind gears and clutch actions, inflicting tough shifting and arduous shifting.

Step 2- As soon as the brand new fluid is put in, add the Mega Energy Transmission Fluid Conditioner #3 and Metallic Conditioners #T to the brand new fluid.

TS-2 T and TS-3 merchandise tackle the numerous hardened and crimped seals and gaskets that leak fluid, inflicting decrease hydraulic efficiency and gradual shifting points. This places an finish to gradual shifting and leakage issues.

Mega Energy #T and #3 merchandise appropriate one other explanation for tough shift, arduous shift, hang-up, and converter lock-up shutter. They do that by smoothing the floor with their MC+ steel conditioner. This benefit eliminates sliding and jamming attributable to frictional resistance. These two merchandise cut back friction and restore the floor, and likewise strengthen the tensile energy of the fluid. This “fluid and steel conditioning” is important as put on develops, and a thicker fluid is required to make shifting work correctly once more.

Step 3- For slipping transmission issues.

To cease slipping, additionally add Mega Energy #10 Oil Conditioner – together with the #T and #3 above to the brand new liquid. This product fills worn areas and provides a thickener to pump up the required hydraulic strain – tighten the couplings and put an finish to this explanation for slipping.

Conclusion: That is the least costly manner I do know of to unravel 5 widespread transmission issues.

The outcomes are virtually immediate and everlasting. Less expensive in comparison with precise overhaul. Though a couple of transmission retailers use Mega Energy, it’s not often promoted.

Mega Energy merchandise have a really excessive success price. Mega Energy comes with a 90 day a refund assure – ought to your transmission really need restore.

This treatment is value a attempt to decide if it’s going to work to your automobile or truck…george

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